Ruth’s starting to have second thoughts

Julia tries to reassure Ruth after she got rid of her mother, but after Karen tells Ruth how brave she is to move to another country, Julia finds Ruth hyperventilating. Julia convinces her it’s just last minute jitters, nothing will go wrong, but Ruth’s not so sure.

Rob brings Dougie, a homeless man with sore hand, into the surgery who Zara has to treat after she gloated about having no patients. Later, Daniel teases Zara that she smells like Dougie and she explains that a doctor at St Phil’s missed something obvious – however they don’t notice Simon overhearing and assuming they’re talking about him.

Heston eventually manages to talk to Simon, and tells him he can take his Christmas break from today. Heston tells Julia he’s worried so she calls him; Simon is on his sofa staring blankly at the TV and lets it go to answerphone.

Also, when a young girl suspects her father and his girlfriend are hiding something from her, she asks Elaine for help but doesn’t expect the outcome.

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