Ruth’s on the warpath with student doctors Lenny, May and Yuki for possibly killing her friend, former patient Amir. Everyone is on tenterhooks as they wait on the post-mortem results and Ruth orders the trio not to make any unsupervised decisions…

Elsewhere, Charlie’s nerves are shattered when he takes his son, Louis, for a driving lesson.

Ruth finds herself struggling to diagnose Serena – a patient with cerebral palsy – but refuses to get a second opinion. However, when the patient’s condition worsens Ruth desperately turns to Jordan for help.

Later, when Sarah Evans comes to check on Serena she discovers Ruth has lied to her about treating the patient single-handedly. Disgusted with catching Ruth in a barefaced untruth for a second time, Sarah has the young doctor removed from her surgical contract.

Distraught Ruth rushes to the toilets where she discovers an overdose victim. She springs into action and manages to save the girl’s life. Afterwards Jordan reminds that there is more to being a good doctor than having a neurosurgery position.

At the end of the day’s shift, Adam summons Lenny, May and Yuki into his office for the post-mortem results. They’re in the clear – Amir died of natural causes. Meanwhile, Ruth has a question for Adam – can she return to the emergency department?