Rob forces his way into the hotel room. He tries every trick in the book to get to Whitney, who is almost convinced until Rob turns nasty with Fatboy when he turns up. Whitney throws Rob out and asks Fatboy to call her brother. Ryan rushes to Southend. He takes Whitney’s phone and calls Rob. The two men have a violent confrontation on the pier and both plunge into the sea!

Rose is forced to confess to Dot she was lying about being a rich widow. Dot accuses Rose of ruining her life by stealing Charlie. Rose tries to defend herself. Dot reaches out to her sister and they reconcile. Meanwhile, Heather is having dinner with a man she met, Andrew. Dot and Rose turn up at the same restaurant. Heather calls them over and Andrew acknowledges Rose as his mum. Dot is stunned that Rose never told her she had a son.

Denise tries to convince Kim to have an HIV test, but she’s terrified. Denise asks Kim about her past relationship and Kim confesses she’s not had as many men in her life as she let Denise believe. Denise promises to support Kim and Kim agrees to take the test. Kim and Denise are relieved when the test is negative.