Having got over the shock of seeing that Cain has a conscience, we now have to get used to seeing it troubling him. Desperate to help Ryan without actually incriminating himself, Cain goes to visit him. That might not sound like much but going inside a prison for Cain is like going into a haunted house for anyone who believes in ghosts. It gives him the creeps and makes those little hairs stand up on the back of his neck. It doesn’t make him feel less guilty, either, as Ryan begs him for help. Cain could confess to blackmailing Nathan and Natasha – but Charity isn’t feeling that charitable…

Dirty flirty Eve isn’t feeling good, either. First Scarlett rejects all her business ideas then Carl tells her he hasn’t given their kiss a second thought. Ow! The double blow to Eve’s self-esteem leaves her feeling wounded. Now who can she get to kiss her hurt feelings better?

Hazel, on the other hand, is happily making friends in Emmerdale. Viv sees her as her new BF and Ashley sees her as someone who could teach the villagers a thing or two about painting – if any of them are interested.

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