Ryan continues to prove he’s his father’s (Mark’s) son – although he doesn’t know it. Well, not yet, anyway… Warned by Nathan to make a choice between his sister, Maisie and his girlfriend Katie, he chooses Maisie. Ooooh, wrong choice! But, of course, he doesn’t know Maisie’s his half-sister. Well, again, not yet, anyway… He tells Maisie he’s going to finish with Katie and she can’t wait until Ryan’s all hers. But is Katie really the only one going to get hurt by all this?

Meanwhile, at the garage, it seems that Yorkshire’s gaydar has picked up on Aaron’s true sexuality… A male customer makes it clear that Aaron gets his motor running and gives him his number. Cain sees what’s going on and teases Aaron mercilessly. But Aaron doesn’t think it’s funny and reacts furiously, especially when Paddy turns up and joins in the joking. He’s determined to stay in the closet, but Adam has the key…

Talking of sex, Nicola is convinced that Ashley is having some with psycho Sally. And when Ashley gets all high and mighty about Nicola’s music choice for Angelica’s christening, she angrily accuses him of having an affair. Now will he put some distance between himself and the home wrecker?

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