Ryan confronts Alex!

Ryan is sat outside Alex’s house waiting for his alter ego to appear. Alex comes storming out of the house and demands to know why Ryan is following him. Ryan refuses to answer Alex’s questions and an infuriated Alex punches him and they have a scrap in the street. Ryan finally blurts out the truth – that he and Alex were swapped at birth – but a stunned Alex refuses to believe it. The fight spills into the road and Ryan is taken to hospital with cuts and bruises. Michelle is horrified when the police call her about Ryan and she hurries to her son’s side.

Meanwhile, Liam realises the chaos that Nick’s revelations have caused the family and he decides to help in his own small way. Liam plans to ask Ryan to be his best man at his wedding to make it clear that he is part of the Connor family, whatever his DNA.

Dan’s womanising ways look set to get him into trouble when Mel sees him chatting up Lauren. Mel is worried that her mate Abi still has a thing about Dan and she wonders whether to warn Lauren about the sleazebag bookie.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle and Steve rush to A&E and are relieved when Ryan is fine. Ryan insists that he doesn’t want to see his ‘real’ parents Nick and Wendy when they arrive to see Alex and he decides to wait in the car. When Nick turns up, Michelle ends up in a huge row with him and she insists that Ryan is her son, regardless of his DNA. Michelle is thrown off guard when Ryan reveals that he wants to take the test to prove that Michelle is his mum.

Maria is upset when she tells Liam that she’s found the perfect wedding venue and an insensitive Liam wonders why they can’t make do with the Rovers for the reception! Maria asks Liam to go to see the venue with her on Friday but she’s furious when he points out he’s going to Birmingham on a business trip with Carla. Maria is convinced that Carla has deliberately planned the trip to wind her up.

Also, Darryl asks Lauren to go to see a band at the student union with him.