Ryan finds out Nick’s his dad

Ryan is spoilt by a guilty Michelle on his birthday morning, as she is still thinking about Alex. Ryan is shocked when he spots Nick’s car hanging around outside his school and he confronts him. Nick is stunned when he realises that Michelle lied to Ryan about who he is and he tells Ryan that he is his real father…

Maria is unnerved when a bored Liam decides to hobble into work and she sees a smug Carla helping him. Meanwhile, Tony is increasingly jealous about Carla’s obsession with Liam and he is irked when she tells him that she is too busy to go to the pub.

Rosie is still having a tough time at school and she’s angry when Sophie joins in with taunting her. The sisters end up in a fight and have to be split up by a teacher. Sally is called into the school to sort them out and she is exhausted by the continuing rift in the family.

Also, Paul looks for a new place to live; Lauren stirs and tells Sean that Violet and Jamie have been picking baby names without him.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Ryan is stunned by Nick’s revelation and thinks that he is a madman. Ryan bursts in to his birthday party and tells Michelle that she has to call the police. Ryan realises from Michelle’s reaction that Nick was telling the truth and he storms over to Nick’s house. Ryan sees Alex and realises that he’s the spitting image of his late dad Dean. Michelle promises Ryan that he will always be her son, whatever the truth.

Carla taunts Tony about being jealous when he gets angry that she dropped everything to help Liam but she couldn’t get out early to go for lunch. Tony sees Maria in the Rovers and hints about his worry about Carla and Liam’s relationship. Maria bluffs that they can’t stand each other, but she is rattled. Later, Maria tells Liam that she’s worried that they are rushing into the wedding and she feels reassured when Liam insists that he can’t wait to be her husband.

Molly talks to Tyrone about buying No 9 and she suggests that they keep Paul on as a lodger to help out with the mortgage. Tyrone agrees and they approach Paul with the suggestion, who is chuffed by their offer.

Also, Lauren tries to stir up more trouble between Sean, Violet and Jamie.