Ryan gets a job offer

Ryan is stunned when Mark’s friend calls him to offer him the job in Dubai. Mark mentions he was behind the call and Ryan accuses him of trying to pay him off with a job to make up for treating Faye badly. Faye finds out what Mark has been up to and storms over to Home Farm. Faye accuses Mark of shipping Ryan off to Dubai because he can’t deal with his feelings for his son. Natasha ushers Faye out of the house, but worries that Faye is right.

Debbie arranges another date with Michael, but when Sarah falls ill she tells him she’s going to have to cancel. He offers to keep her company, but she’s not ready for a quiet night in with him yet, especially with Cain hanging around.

Jake scratches a winning £500 scratch card for Lizzie, but he hesitates when Eli tells him to keep quiet about the win and claim it for himself. Jake is torn, as they both need the money.

Also, Lexi is annoyed when she discovers that Carl visited Nicola and the baby without her; Jimmy is taken aback when Nicola decides to call the baby Angelica without consulting him; the Bishop asks Ashley to organise a cricket tournament.

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