So… The police think they’re collecting the pieces of the puzzle that, fitted together, will give them the picture of Mark’s murderer. What they’re really collecting is what Nathan has planted for them, including that gold chain. That’s Faye’s, right? Wrong! It’s Ryan’s – that’s how much Nathan hates his half-brother. Natasha doesn’t know this, though. So when she sees Faye being taken to the police station she thinks their plan has worked. But the police just want Faye to confirm Ryan’s alibi for the night of Mark’s murder – and she can’t. That’s enough for the boys in blue, who swoop on the garage and arrest Ryan.

At Emmerdale Haulage, Carl is finding dirty flirty Eve more arresting by the minute. He’s upset Scarlett and Eve tries to help him make amends. He’s more interested in the one-on-one time he gets with Eve, though. He’s cruising for a bruising because if Chas catches him she’ll make him suffer.

Cain likes to make people suffer, too. Right now, Aaron’s his target because he took money from the garage and bought a car he thinks will be a money-spinner. Oooooh, silly boy. Cain points out the car’s faults – but Jackson points out Aaron’s qualities. Aaah, it must be love…

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