Ryan gets cosy with Goldie!

It seems Amy's beau, copper Ryan, finds Goldie McQueen hard to resist in Hollyoaks

Warren instructs Goldie to get Ryan to The Loft on his own. At The Loft, Ryan tries to play the faithful card, but Goldie is too tempting and they sneak off somewhere discreet. Will Warren get the evidence he wants?

When Lisa and Zack find out about Prince’s accusation against Louis, they confront him. Joanne interrupts James and Louis’ meeting at James’s flat and gets Louis exactly where she wants him… alone. Joanne then traps Louis in James’s flat and smashes his phone…

Meanwhile, Simone visits Margaret in prison where she makes a shock discovery.

Also, when John Paul complains to James about how cramped it is at the McQueens with Goldie around, James offers him a bed for the night. Will John Paul get the wrong end of the stick?