Ryan and Abi’s special relationship is becoming more and more obvious. Faye sees there’s something between her son and his prison guard when she visits, but she’s got other things on her mind. She wants Ryan out of prison and her efforts get a boost when Ryan gives her a letter he got from Maisie. They need to get the Wylde girl back and make her testify in court, so that’s what Faye sets out to do. Now, she’s just got to find her…

Farmer John and Moira have Holly at home, but it’s far from a happy family reunion. Holly needs a fix and wants to be on her way, but Mum and Dad have called the doctor. Holly can’t fool the doctor, but the doctor can’t break patient confidentiality and confirm for John and Moira what they already know: that Holly’s a drug addict. As it turns out, though, the doctor doesn’t have to. Desperate for drugs Holly turns violent then, ashamed, she breaks down and admits she’s a junkie.

Diane’s on the verge of a breakdown as she struggles to run The Woolpack with minimum help. But Doug hates to see her suffer and steps in.

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