Ryan goes missing!

Michelle is torn apart now that Ryan knows the truth and she is furious when Alex’s mum Wendy walks into the Rovers. Wendy insists that she has no idea that Nick was trying to find Ryan and she admits that, like Michelle, she didn’t want to investigate and open up a can of worms. When Ryan fails to come home, Michelle panics and calls the police.

Jack and Vera clear out the last of their belongings from No 9 in preparation for their move to Blackpool. The reality sinks in that they are leaving Weatherfield and Vera questions whether they’re making the right decision. Jack says that he’s going to miss the street, but the time has come for them to move.

Maria tries to talk Liam into working from home in a desperate bid to keep him away from Carla. But when Maria pops in she is horrified to discover that Carla is with Liam. Carla is smug as Liam tells a miserable Maria that they are going to work from home together.

Also, Vicky wants to organise a lingerie party and Janice offers her flat as a venue.