Ryan has been stitched up so well by nasty Nathan that it will take a very good lawyer to unpick his handiwork. He guesses that Nathan’s the one who framed him and tries to convince the police but the forensic evidence points to him as Mark’s murderer and he’s charged. But Faye refuses to believe her son is guilty and sets out to prove his innocence. She hires a good lawyer – but is he good enough?

Holly’s certainly not good enough to babysit Viv’s little ‘uns. She’s high as Viv gives her instructions but she manages to focus later when she finds Valium on a shelf. She takes a couple and pockets the rest just as Viv gets back. The drugs start to hit her as she heads home and she’s pretty doped up when Aaron sees her. He knows Holly’s on something but she brushes him off. She’s headed for a fall, though, it’s just a matter of when…

At the other village shop, Leyla gets an emergency call about her mum and has to dash off. When she gets back, she tells David her mum has died… And that’s just the beginning of her family woes.

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