Katie’s New Year started well but Ryan quickly ruins it by telling her he doesn’t love her. Shocked and angered by his sudden change of heart, Katie tells him to get out of her sight. So the cad scoots off to Maisie, and they agree they should keep their relationship a secret from everyone for now. But can you just picture Natasha’s face if her daughter should confide in her?! She’s found Mark’s bigamy hard enough to swallow, surely incest would choke her?

The chances of Adam seeing Aaron as the love of his life grow slimmer with each passing day… Adam has found out that Scarlett fancies him and doesn’t waste any time chasing her. Aaron, on the other hand, just can’t get enthusiastic about Holly, no matter how much she flirts with him. He’s upset when he sees Adam and Scarlett together in the pub and Adam taunts him about this. But Aaron is still pretending he likes girls and kisses Holly, hoping this will prove it. But Adam certainly isn’t convinced…

Ashley finally starts to worry that the villagers might really believe he’s having an affair with Sally. But can he get her to back off?

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