Ryan kisses Stacey

Ryan is determined to win his bet with Janine by kissing Stacey. Ryan finds Charlie’s phone and sends a text to Stacey asking to meet him in the Argee Bhargee. Mo sees the text and Ryan is disappointed when she turns up with Stacey. Janine has sent Charlie to the restaurant as well and Ryan thinks his plan has been scuppered. Ryan manages to get Stacey alone and he moves in for a kiss. A freaked Stacey pulls back and tells Ryan to leave her alone.

Danny is stunned to see Glenda back and tries to take the money from Roxy‘s mattress and flee. The girls catch him and Danny claims that Glenda put him up to it. Danny says he’s not going anywhere until he gets a share of Archie’s inheritance. Glenda insists that Danny is owed nothing as he well knows because he’s not Archie’s son….

Max spots Abi leaving for school wearing make up. Abi tells Max she’ll be late home for school as she has netball practice. After school Abi meets up with Jordan and they go to the park and kiss. Abi leaves a message for Max and lies that she’s staying for dinner with Bernadette.

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