Ryan’s trial gets under way for the murder of Mark Wylde, aka Daniel Lamb, his father. He didn’t do it and he pleads not guilty, but things don’t get off to a good start for him. Sitting in the dock, with his family, friends and some villagers looking on, Ryan has to listen to the prosecution outline their case, which includes mention of his near-incestuous relationship with Maisie (before they were told they’re brother and sister, you understand, Your Honour). Then Nathan is called to testify.

Not everyone’s obsessed with Ryan’s trial. In the village Jai thinks Pollard’s old factory is the perfect place for his new business. As soon as Val hears that she thinks she’s found a cash cow to milk, but Jai makes it clear he thinks Val is the silly moo, not him. Pollard, on the other hand, knows a good opportunity when he sees it.

Laurel thinks Diane has jumped at a good opportunity, too – Doug’s offer of a loan. Laurel’s not happy about Diane taking her dad’s life savings to dig herself out of the hole she could have avoided if she’d listened to Doug in the first place. But can Diane say ‘no’ when Doug insists she says ‘yes’?

*Second episode*

The trial is not going at all well for Ryan – you could say he’s courting disaster. It’s all down to nasty Nathan. He’s taken the stand and sworn to tell the truth and he does – he just doesn’t tell the whole truth and certainly doesn’t own up to all of his lies. But after Nathan leaves court, satisfied with his day’s dirty work, he discovers someone has decided they can’t take the chance that the jury will deliver the right verdict and want to serve their own brand of justice. The snivelling Wylde child is kidnapped and kept tied up and gagged in a barn.

Nathan’s not having a nice time (hooray!), but Rhona and Paddy are. They have some merry fun at the party then make their way drunkenly back to the hotel, where they realise they have to share a double bed. Hands above the covers please you two!

Jai has done a deal with Pollard for the old factory, but he’s not keen on his new neighbours, the Dingles. What he needs is someone on the inside to help him sweet-talk the clan into moving and Charity tells him that she’s the dirty Dingle for the job.

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