Ryan cooks Janine a birthday breakfast. Ryan gets a mysterious text and he tells Janine he’s going out to buy some bubbly. Stacey is waiting for Ryan in the cafe and asks him to go with her to get his name put on Lily’s birth certificate. Janine tries not to cry when Kat lets slip that Ryan is out with Stacey. Ryan lies about where he’s been. Janine doesn’t let on she knows different and is clearly plotting something.

Alfie is forced to relocate the Vic opening party to the Slaters’ when Greg reveals the Vic’s electrics aren’t ready. Janine takes Ryan to the party after Pat gives her tickets for her birthday. Alfie makes a heartfelt speech in front of the punters and the party gets underway. Janine heads upstairs to Lily’s cot and menacingly stares at the baby…

Lauren is sure that Max knows who killed Archie. Max feels stuck, but is saved from having to answer when Carol interrupts. Lauren storms out and visits her uncle Jack at the club. Lauren tells Jack that Max revealed that Bradley didn’t kill Archie. Jack persuades Lauren to let it go and insists that Max is just looking out for her.

Also, Bianca confronts Carol about the suicide note.

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