Ryan meets Karen and Rob!

While out shopping, Karen and Rob bump into Imogen and Ryan, much to Imogen’s embarrassment. Ryan introduces himself to Rob and Karen, who end up inviting Ryan for tea later – Imogen is worried! Ryan impresses when he turns up with a bottle of wine and implies he’d be interested in joining the police. Imogen smuggles him away upstairs where he reassures her that he really wants to be a potter.

Heston finds Elaine still sat at unconscious Ed’s bedside at St Phil’s and urges her to go home and rest herself. Elaine is wracked with guilt about hitting Ed and thinks she should be struck off – but Heston reassures her that she had no choice and did the right thing.

Later, Elaine insists she saw Ed’s eyes flickering and when Heston appears sceptical, she asks him to leave. Later, when Elaine and Ed are alone his eyes flicker open and Elaine says: ‘hello Ed!’

Also, Cherry helps a patient deal with the consequences of sleeping with her sister’s husband.

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