Ryan proposes to Tracy!

After spotting Rob and Michelle staring into each others eyes Steve decides to crank up his plans to split Tracy and Ryan. Convincing Ryan that he should make an honest woman of Tracy, Steve sits back when, in the Rovers, Ryan asks Tracy to marry him. Ryan clocks Tracy’s look of abject horror and, put on the spot, she refuses. As all hell breaks loose, Steve is pleased with the results but Michelle is furious when Steve tells her what he’s really been up to.

Lewis is working his first shift at the Rovers and enjoying himself. He’s concerned when Dr Carter arrives and Gloria quickly ushers him through to the back. Later, Lewis finds her in floods of tears as she tells him the true startling reason for her returning to the bosom of her family.

As the cafe’s French night soars, Nick sends Kylie home from the empty bistro. Later, she pays a visit to the pop-up restaurant where she spies Beth dolling out cognac. After putting up with Mary bragging about her success, Kylie has an idea to take the wind out of her sails.

Also, when Gary interrupts Tina and Tommy’s romantic night in to discuss the surrogacy it’s clear Tommy is still finding the subject difficult.