Ryan starts a fire at No 13! (VIDEO)

Sophie’s talked Steve into paying her to clean No.13 ready for Kevin moving in. But when Ryan arrives back from university and finds Sophie cleaning he insists she downs tools and shares a few cans with him. They’re having a laugh when Ryan tries to kiss Sophie in the backyard.

Meanwhile, back inside, a smouldering match that Ryan has carelessly tossed into a pile of paper has caught light and a fire has started at No.13. As Steve, Kevin and Michelle rush over to assess the damage Ryan and Sophie are terrified.

When Nick shows a potential buyer round the bistro, Gail tries to scupper the deal. Nick’s not happy but when Leanne starts to reconsider moving Simon away from his family she changes her mind about leaving.

Norris is bemused to find Mary studying a magazine on steam trains. In the café Mary steers the conversation round to trains. Roy’s impressed and offers to play her some of his steam train records.

Also, Jason swears to Maria he knew nothing about last night’s set up and they agree to be friends, while Rob gives Eva a job as machinist at Underworld.

And the girls are appalled at Eva’s lack of sewing skills but when Rob makes light of it and invites Eva out for dinner his motives become clear.