Ryan steals Sonny’s car

Michelle tells Ryan that she and Sonny have split, but keeps the real reason secret. Ryan decides to go and visit him anyway but gets a shock when he sees Sean emerge from the bedroom. Furious, he swipes the keys to Sonny’s sports car and speeds off. The police catch, him but Sonny refuses to press charges.

Back home the Connor brothers are up in arms over their nephew’s bad behaviour and Paul clips him round the ear. Ryan makes reference to a family secret and the brothers quickly hush him up, but not before Carla picks up on the fact they’re all hiding something.

Sarah sees the video nasty of Tracy and David and warns the Barlow killer to stay away from her brother, but Deirdre gets suspicious when she hears about the odd assignation.

Lazy Vernon is fired from his job at Streetcars after going missing yet again and even Liz looks like she might be kicking him into touch when she flirts with a new delivery driver.

Sean tries to end it with Sonny, but just one kiss later Sean melts.