Ryan wants Stacey!

Pat is worried that Ryan will report Janine for attempted murder. Janine discovers that Ryan has been discharged from hospital and starts a desperate search for him. Janine eventually finds Ryan back at the flat. The pair come to blows, but Ryan apologises for cheating on Janine. He tells Janine that he’ll always love her, but he needs space to clear his head.

Janine is convinced by Ryan’s act and heads to the salon to look her best for him. Meanwhile, Ryan is disappointed when Stacey sends him away when he visits her at the Slaters’. Later in the Vic Ryan corners Stacey and says he’s finished with Janine and he wants Stacey. Janine walks into the Vic just as Ryan and Stacey seal the deal with a kiss.

Max and Vanessa plan a family meal. Max is irritated that Tanya is bringing Greg with her. Vanessa tells Max to behave as she wants them to have a pleasant afternoon. Vanessa’s food doesn’t go down too well and Max heads out to the shop for an alternative. After an awkward afternoon the family head to the Vic.

Also, Jordan abandons Denise to stay with his aunt for Christmas; Bianca comes up with a devious plan.

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