Ryan’s got a pretty prison buddy

We’ve had weeks of seeing Ryan pouting and shouting in prison – and with good reason: he’s innocent. But Faye tells him that a certain Prison Officer is always talking about him. Not one of the big beefy ones (phew! That could have been nasty…), it’s the slim blonde one called Abi. And she puts a smile on Ryan’s face when she makes it clear that he’s her favourite inmate by smuggling him some snacks. He would have preferred a key to the prison gates, but one step at a time.

Angry Andy’s anger management counselling goes into reverse when he’s asked about past girlfriends. Let’s see: there’s ex-wife Katie, who slept with his brother; ex-wife Jo, who he used as a punch bag; Debbie, who has custody of their daughter; Maisie, who has her own psychological problems; and Adele, who he almost smothered with his possessiveness. Not a good track record and, after being forced to confront it, Andy lashes out at home, blaming Katie for everything.

Mickey the menace is also in a bad mood. He wants his money back from Aaron, but Aaron still won’t cough up. He’s going to be sorry.

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