Stacey is happy to have Kat and Alfie back, but her good mood disappears when she sees Ryan and Janine returning from honeymoon. Stacey tells Max that Ryan is Lily’s dad but doesn’t want anything to do with her. Ryan blanks Stacey in the Square and Max is furious. Max strides up to Ryan and tells him he’s got responsibilities to Lily as a dad. Janine stares at Ryan, stunned!

Max calls Vanessa to tell her she left an earring at the house and she arranges to collect it. Max is surprised when the door goes and instead it’s Lauren back from school in the States. Vanessa arrives and a flustered Max claims Vanessa is just a friend. Tanya arrives then Stacey pops by to get the phone she left the previous night! Tanya and Vanessa assume that Stacey and Max were up to no good.

Kat is not struck on the idea of owning the Vic and tries to convince Alfie to sell it. Alfie gets an idea from Leon to set up a drinking den in the Vic barrel store while they wait for the pub to be refurbished. Alfie tells Kat that the Vic will always be their rightful home and Kat is talked round.

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