Janine is suspicious of Ryan and accuses him of dealing drugs. Ryan turns up at the Vic later to find the police doing a drugs raid. Lauren tries to cover for Ryan by taking his drugs before he’s searched, but she drops them. A horrified Whitney realises that Ryan is Lauren’s ‘mystery man’. Lauren is cautioned by the police and Ryan is taken for questioning. On Ryan’s return, a furious Whitney disowns him.

Vanessa rejects a call from Harry. Vanessa is annoyed that Jodie called Harry as she doesn’t want him involved. Michael tells Vanessa that time is running out to accept his offer, but she’s not interested. Michael breaks into Eddie’s and rummages through Eddie’s things. He finds an old photo of Eddie with a mysterious woman and baby. Later, Vanessa tells Michael she’ll take on his challenge.

Ian boasts to Alfie that Jane’s ‘death’ has been the best thing that’s happened to him. Shenice overhears and passes the news on to Bobby. Ian is horrified when a devastated Bobby says he knows that his mum has died. A guilty Ian tells Bobby that Jane is alive and well and he cancels is date with Cheryl.

Also, Tanya has her hospital tests.