First Faye questions Ryan’s innocence and now, in her latest trip behind bars to depress the poor bloke, she tells him that the one piece of evidence that could have cleared him – the picture on Maisie’s phone – has gone missing. It’s more than Ryan can bear and he explodes before he’s dragged back to his cell by the guards. There’s one thing Ryan could do to help himself: stop signing visiting orders for his mother!

Dirty flirty Eve is ready to give Carl more than visiting rights. Carl spits his dummy out when Jimmy tells him he’s going to work full-time in the pub and Eve takes an opportunity to turn his frown into a smile with a kiss. The naughty boy and girl get a lot hotter and heavier around the back of The Woolpack, though. Time to get a room you two! But will Carl go that far?

Lizzie and Bob’s relationship is a lot more respectable and they have another great afternoon with the twins. But Lizzie is smitten and Viv knows it even if Bob doesn’t. Jealous, Viv says Bob will never want Lizzie the way she wants him. Not nice, Viv!

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