Sacha risks his marriage for his child

Sacha’s devastated to find out he’s not a bone marrow match for his daughter Rachel, who’s suffering from leukaemia. Desperate to do whatever it takes to save her life, Sacha suggests to wife Chrissie that they get their son Daniel tested, even though he’s only a half-sibling to Rachel. Sacha expects Chrissie to jump at the chance, but she’s wary of putting her young son forward for possible invasive surgery if he turns out to be a match. Impatient at Chrissie’s reluctance to get Daniel tested, Sacha goes ahead and orders the blood test on their son without Chrissie’s permission. When she finds out he’s gone behind her back, she’s furious. Does Sacha risk sacrificing his marriage for the sake of his child?

Meanwhile, Malick is stunned when he realises that Amanda Layton lied to him – her deathbed confession wasn’t true and her victim is not buried where she told him. But there’s worse to come for him – a betrayal by Dominic leads to him being suspended by Hanssen and his career hangs in the balance.

Also, Jonny and Jac struggle over how to deal with her pregnancy and Jonny is amazed when he realises he’s actually made Jac cry. But can they overcome their differences and find a way to be parents without being together?