Sacha’s suspicious of Michael and Chrissie

After deciding that he and wife Chrissie should separate, Sacha continues to be suspicious over her relationship with Michael – and ends up punching him! As well as running a busy AAU and trying to organise a pub quiz, Sacha still hopes to reconcile with Chrissie, who he’s surprised to see has already taken off her wedding ring.

All day, Sacha continues to be rattled by Chrissie’s closeness with Michael, unaware that last week she found a lump in her breast and went to him for help with treatment. Sacha’s frustration grows when he sees Michael comforting Chrissie, who’s just been told it’s cancer. As he remains in the dark about her condition, Sacha feels he’s being made fool of, and confronts Chrissie, who’s disgusted that he thinks she’s seeing Michael.

But, later in Albie’s bar, as Sacha tries to host the quiz, he’s distracted by what looks like an intimate conversation between them, his paranoia gets the better of him and he punches Michael in the face! In the middle of the commotion, Chrissie blurts out that she has cancer. How will Sacha react?

Elsewhere, Serena’s delighted to be performing a difficult operation that will be streamed live to surgical students. But when her mother is admitted to hospital she’s conflicted between her responsibilities as a daughter and her professional development and has to turn to ex-husband Edward for advice.

Also, Elliot organises a romantic weekend away but his best efforts are jeopardised when Sharon receives some news from the States.