Sacha’s world falls apart

As he comes to terms with the fact daughter Rachel has leukaemia, Sacha receives some worrying news about her progress. Sacha’s torn between being the doting dad and visiting sick Rachel on the children’s ward, and doing his job on AAU, where elderly couple Bert and Betty have been admitted following a car accident. While he’s with them, Rachel goes missing. When he finds her, Rachel admits she just wants to be a normal teenager and is worried the chemotherapy she’s having will leave her with no hair – and no friends!

To cheer her up, Sacha has Rachel’s bed moved to AAU and arranges for her school friends to visit. But Sacha’s world totally falls apart when oncologist Nathan confirms Rachel’s first round of chemo hasn’t worked and that they should consider a bone-marrow transplant. Sacha struggles to cope with the news and, while observing Betty’s surgery in theatre, he breaks down to Jac. Keen to show Rachel she’s not alone in her fight against cancer, Sacha asks Jac to shave all his hair off. Will his actions put a smile on Rachel’s face?

Meanwhile, Jac’s determined to keep news of her pregnancy a secret from Jonny. Mo playfully lets her know it won’t be a secret for much longer by drawing a picture of a very pregnant Jac. Later, Jac and Jonny clash when it’s discovered patient Lou is only 15 and needs parental consent for heart surgery. Jac’s moved by Lou’s pleas not to contact Social Services and throws Jonny’s contact number for them in the bin. But when Jonny searches the bin for the number, he finds Mo’s screwed up drawing of a pregnant Jac. How will he react to the news he’s going to be a dad?

And Arthur’s attempt to woo Chantelle with an old fashioned mix tape goes disastrously wrong when Malick gets involved.