Jake is stunned when Max bursts into his house, claiming Lauren is pregnant. In hot pursuit, Lauren makes it clear that she’s not pregnant and the test isn’t hers. Desperate to get them out, Jake is horrified when it proves too late as Sadie arrives and hears everything. As the Brannings leave, Jake is thrown when Sadie acts as if nothing has happened. When Bella later reveals to Sadie she caught Lauren in bed with Jake, however, Sadie snaps.

Guilty for putting Bella in a bad situation, Lauren returns to Jake’s. Finding him about to take a drink, she tries to intervene. Jake throws the bottle against the wall, with some of the glass hitting Lauren in the face. Meanwhile, Carol is keen to find out who the pregnancy test belongs to. Cindy meets up with TJ, who tells her the test has been found and they need to decide what they’re going to do about the baby…

Kat is stunned when she takes delivery of Alfie’s latest money-making scheme. It’s boxes of raw meat! Not knowing what to do with it, Kat enlists the help of Terry to carve it up ready to sell on.

Also, Linda suggests that Mick asks his dad Stan for financial help. David renames the car lot ‘Deals on Wheels’.