In the aftermath of Hanssen’s announcement that Darwin will merge with St James’s, Sahira vows to prove it is needed and treats a patient bound for St James’s at Holby. Sahira sneaks the patient down to the basement but, when things start to go wrong, Sahira needs Hanssen’s help.

Hanssen is furious that she risked the life of a patient to prove a point, but Sahira is insistent that Holby needs to maintain these facilities for the good of the patients. At loggerheads, Sahira tells Hanssen she will leave; she can’t be part of a hospital without a CT ward. Faced with losing Sahira, Hanssen is defeated. So cardiac trauma remains – for now…

Meanwhile, Dan is growing concerned about the budding friendship between Chrissie and Malick and is keen to keep as far away from Malick as possible. So when a patient displays symptoms that may require Malick’s involvement, Dan makes the decision not to order tests that Malick suggests.

Chrissie is ignorant of their squabbles, until she discovers Dan has ignored Malick’s advice. Dan is annoyed with himself when the patient goes into crisis and Malick has to save the day. But when Hanssen comes down to see how things went, Dan slyly takes the credit which leaves Malick furious!

Elsewhere, Sacha can’t help, but feel like he’s lost Chrissie to a lesser man – a man who calls his mother ‘mummy’. Sacha realises it’s time he stopped putting Chrissie first and started investing in time with his son.