Sally accepts Tim’s proposal

Tim’s over the moon when Sally accepts his proposal, but as they celebrate in the Rovers, Sally bangs on about Kevin’s business ambitions. As Sally, Kevin and Sophie joke about Kevin’s business prowess, Tim watches jealously from the sidelines.

Joni turns on Tracy accusing her of ruining her marriage as Robert was always clearly obsessed by her. Tracy arrives home in floods of tears and explains to Ken how Robert is already married. Later, Robert calls at No.1 and assures Tracy his marriage to Joni is over and that he never stopped loving her.

Callum piles Bethany with booze and forces her to smoke a joint, while filming it on his phone. When Bethany arrives home Sarah suspects she’s been up to no good. Meanwhile, Callum admires his photos of Bethany, telling Gemma they could prove useful.

Sinead reveals she’s booked a camping holiday in Wales for herself and Chesney. Aware of Beth’s disappointment, Ches suggests they all go together and invites Tyrone and Fiz along too.

Also, Tony grovels to Jason for letting him down. And, realising she scuppered Luke’s plans, Maria resolves to make it up to him.