Sally accuses Tim of having an affair

Seething with rage, Sally accuses Tim and Anna of having an affair and storms out before they can explain. Tim chases after Sally but Sophie and Maddie bar his way, while a furious Sally starts lobbing Tim’s possessions out of the bedroom window. In desperation, Tim shouts up to Sally, telling her that Anna has been teaching him to read.

Eileen moans to Liz and Michelle how Steve failed to turn up for his Street Cars shift. At the bistro Steph is short-staffed and Steve insists on helping out behind the bar, but Michelle’s furious when she calls in and finds him working there.

Carla interviews Alya, who describes her passion for upmarket underwear and then realising Underworld aims at a much lower market, worries she’s blown it. When Kal begs Carla to give Alya a chance as she’d be an asset to her business, Alya’s mortified, but Carla caves in.

Also, Faye confides in Craig how she’s dreading moving to the pokey flat above the bookies; when Michael explains to the manageress how he’s trying to find his long lost son, Gavin, she agrees to pass on his address.