Sally and Anna’s rivalry ends in a fight!

Sally and Anna continue their barbeque war. Sally’s miffed to see that Tim has gone to join Faye round at Anna’s. When Sally, a bit the worse for wear, helps herself to Anna’s ketchup bottle which she’s left on the fence, a fight ensues and the two women wrestle, knocking down the garden fence in the process. Both Faye and Tim are mortified.

As David nervously tries to find the words, Sean bursts into the bistro and tells a shocked Leanne, David and Tina that Kylie’s gone into labour. As they rush to No 8 a flustered David phones the hospital, but Kylie’s contractions are coming thick and fast and Gail is forced to deliver the baby as Kylie gives birth to a girl. David looks emotionally at his wife and the baby he fervently hopes is his. But when Tina summons him to meet her outside, she’s still insistent that he must tell Leanne and Kylie the truth.

Having put Joseph to bed, Katy seductively tells Chesney how much she’s missed him and how pleased she is to be home. Chesney paints on a smile, but isn’t ready to take the next step.

Also, Eileen tries to take her mind off her heartache; Roy’s upset that Sylvia went only leaving a note and brands his mother a coward.