Drop-out Rocco Cooper arrives at Summer Bay High and tells Sally he wants a fresh start. But Brad is suspicious and gives Rocco a lecture about bad behaviour. However, things start to go wrong when an upset Drew turns up at school and lets rip at Matilda, prompting Rocco to intervene. Luckily Brad breaks up the tension, but the situation causes a rift between him and Sally.

Meanwhile, Drew is finding it difficult to deal with his rejection from Amanda, and heads to her house for a chat. When he discovers she’s out, he uses his spare key to let himself in. Amanda and Macca are shocked to return home to find Drew waiting in the lounge, and Macca chucks him out. Realising things have gone too far, Amanda prepares to tell Belle the truth about her affair with Drew.

Elsewhere, Matilda struggles to get her head around Ric’s sudden declaration about his feelings for her, and runs off, leaving him confused. Later, Ric is forced to offer Macca and Cassie his help when he discovers them broken down on the roadside, and Cassie again tells him she thinks he and Matilda have a future together. So, Ric is pleased when Matilda approaches him on the beach and admits she has feelings for him too.
* Screened on RTE, Monday 5th February *