Sally and Cassie look to the future

Colleen tries to reassure Sally that Cassie’s secret is safe, but when she sees Cassie holding Pippa, her instinctive reaction is to tear the girl away from her. Cassie is hurt and furious at Colleen’s ignorance. Sally tries to comfort her by telling her that Colleen is merely uninformed about HIV.

But Cassie isn’t just upset about Colleen’s reaction. With so many people knowing her secret, she feels like she’s losing control. Having just lost her job, Sally also feels lost in life. She and Cassie sit down and decide to take control of their lives by leaving the Bay and seeing the world.

Steve Bradford, the man from America visits Leah and reveals that Dan didn’t just die in an accident, he died saving Steve’s son. Steve further shocks her when he gives her one hundred thousand dollars to honour her late husband. Later, when Leah sees Irene stressing over the collapsing Diner, she’s struck with an idea.

When Martha finally questions Roman about the girl in the photo, he reveals it’s his teenage daughter, but evades further questioning, leaving Martha frustrated.

Also, nervous about his first day teaching in Summer Bay, Miles is upset to see that a well-intentioned Alf has undone all Roman’s efforts to calm Aden.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 25*

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