Sally and Frank get even closer

Frank apologises to Sally for trying to kiss her, but she’s tells him there’s no need, she was just a bit shocked. Back to business she suggests Frank sets about winning his clients back, starting with Leydon. Still furious with Anne for trying to bribe Carla he insists she stays away from the factory for a few weeks and asks Sally to help schmooze Leydon instead. It’s a success as they manage to convince him that Frank’s an innocent victim of Carla’s treachery.

Both Tommy and Maria berate Tyrone for his treatment of Fiz, asking why he’s avoiding one of his oldest mates. Feeling guilty Tyrone suggests to Kirsty that he needs to spend time with his friends, including Fiz. Meanwhile, Tommy’s annoyed with Tina, accusing her of kicking the whole thing off with Kirsty.

Eileen tracks down Paul; admitting she can’t live without him she suggests they have an affair.

Also, Rosie‘s horrified to see her road safety campaign photos in the Gazette; Peter lies to Leanne that he’s got a new sponsor at AA and will be meeting him twice a week for one to one sessions; Beth starts work at Frank’s factory.