Sally and Kevin are appalled to learn how 17-year-old Maddie duped them into giving her a roof over her head, but when Sally tells Maddie she’s no longer welcome, Sophie is furious.

Anna arrives just in time to snatch the lighter out of Owen’s hand. Owen breaks down as Anna angrily points out he could have ended up in prison. When Gary finds out Owen almost torched the building site, he blames himself. Returning home he heads to the garden where he struggles to breathe, wondering whether they’ll ever get away from this dreadful predicament.

A furious Maria tells Marcus he can’t wheedle his way back in, but Audrey warns her that by punishing Marcus, she’s upsetting Liam. However, when Marcus tells Maria that he’s going to London for a while to try and come to terms with everything, she tells him he can do what he wants because they’re no longer together.

Also, Peter’s relieved when Tina tells him she has no intention of telling anyone about their affair; Sinead and Kirk try their best to talk Beth out of having breast implants; Faye’s disappointed when she realises Anna, Owen and Gary missed her play.