As hungover Martha returns home after her night out with Cam, police are dusting for fingerprints in the trashed bar as Tony checks the damage. He’s shocked to see the safe is empty and is furious when Martha confesses she left the £2,000 takings in the till.

Martha arrives at the bar for her shift in a foul mood, and Tony isn’t impressed. Later, Cam turns up and she accepts his offer of a job at his bar, the Rocket Club. Tony’s not too happy at the news but she shouts at him to stay out of her life before storming out. When Tony tells Sally what’s happened, she worries about Martha’s state of mind.

Lovesick Matilda makes it clear to Ric that she wants to take the next step in their relationship, but Ric wants to wait until the time is right. Later, Ric prepares his room for Matilda as she gets ready to sneak out.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Sally denies to Ric that Brad is coming over while Ric pretends he’s not seeing Matilda that night. But, while Sally phones to tell Brad to come over, upstairs, Ric is helping Matilda in through his window…

*Screened on RTE One, Monday May 28*

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