Sally fights for life

Sally lies unconscious in the car park following Rocco’s knife attack. Meanwhile, Brad is getting worried that Sally isn’t home yet and goes to look for her. He’s stunned to see her lying motionless in the school car park and quickly gets help. Sally’s rushed to hospital and straight into the operating theatre.

Kim is reeling from Kit’s unexpected news that she’s pregnant with his baby. Just as he is about to break it to Rachel, the phone rings with news about Sally and a shocked Rachel rushes to the hospital.

Hospital staff struggle to keep Sally alive in the operating theatre, while her friends and family outside come to the conclusion that Johnny must be responsible for the stabbing. Ric storms out on a mission to find Rocco, leaving Matilda and Martha with little choice but to go after him.

Rocco is struggling to deal with what he’s just done and is forced to hide his guilt when Matilda, Ric and Martha turn up. He insists he knows nothing about the attack, but begins to panic when he learns that Sally is still alive. The others leave, and Rocco breaks down sobbing.

It looks like Sally is going to pull through following her operation, but suddenly her condition plummets and Rachel and the staff begin a frantic battle to save Sally’s life.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday April 4*