Sally Webster asks Tim to get Geoff over for dinner so they can put him off dating Yasmeen. Tim also invites Dev and Gina but Sally is aghast when Geoff arrives with Yasmeen in tow.

In the flower shop Mary coaches the two people she has booked to play Seth and Philippa. Meanwhile at the Marine Centre, the real Seth and Philippa are sacking Jude after seeing CCTV footage of him setting off the fire alarm. Jude gets back to the Rovers and tells Mary to abandon the plan but Angie arrives and ushers them all to number 3 for dinner. Will the meal go to plan?

Toyah spins a disappointed Peter a yarn about the surrogate being in Tamworth visiting a relative and says she is going to see her. When Eva tells the hospital photographer she doesn’t want a photo Toyah is relieved.

Beth and Kirk are chuffed when David employs them to walk his dog as well as Eccles. Whist walking Peanut, David and Eccles, Kirk helps a woman who is having trouble controlling her dog, impressed she hires him for dog training sessions.

First episode of the evening – second episode will be shown on ITV at 8.30pm.