Sally gets an offer, but does she want it?

Sally confides in a sceptical Pippa that Tom told her that, during her near-death experience, she would be offered a chance to leave the Bay and she should take the opportunity. But when Sally receives a call from the Department of Education, relocating her from her job as principal to a desk job in the city, she’s worried that this dull offer was what Tom was talking about.

Meanwhile, Bartlett continues to hold the school on Saturday detention, making it known that this will continue until Aden changes his behaviour. Unfortunately for Aden, the Principal’s tactic is working, with Aden’s peers fast turning against him.

After a chat with Roman, Aden suggests a plan to Bartlett, who announces to the school that Aden has apologised and will do five days suspension in exchange for letting everyone off detention. The plan works, and Aden regains some of his popularity.

Despite having managed to get his life back on the right track following the devastating loss of his wife and child in the tsunami, Miles has yet to conquer his fear of the ocean. But with a little help from Sally, he finally overcomes his phobia, and manages to come to terms with his past as he steps into the water.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 15*

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