Sally gets caught up in a robbery

Inspector Gina Gold questions why fugitive bank robber Vince Murray would risk coming back to the UK. Vince’s wife faints at the news he’s alive but son Darren says he’ll kill him if he sees him and vows to tell best friend and business partner Kieran that his father Ian was killed in the robbery – not Vince.

DC Mickey Webb and Pc Sally Armstrong witness Vince with some accomplices who’ve just got out of prison. When CO19 are alerted to an armed robbery at a storage depot they burst in only to find Vince and his pals playing pool. Then news comes of another robbery – and Darren and Kieran are the culprits.

Later at a warehouse, Sally pursues Darren and Kieran alone. As Kieran holds her at gunpoint, Sally lets it slip that she knows Vince was their decoy for the robbery. Kieran’s confused – he thinks Vince is dead – and as the truth is revealed, he handcuffs Sally to her car and drives off with Darren, in pursuit of Vince…