Sally goes to the hospital for her results. She’s trying to put a brave face on it but is terrified. Rosie however is, as always, oblivious to other people’s feelings and announces to Sophie that she is going to sell her car to pay for her boob job.

Pam has heard the news about Molly and Kevin’s split and she can’t believe that Molly has walked out on her husband. A tearful Molly tells her that Kevin was going to leave Sally for her until he found out she had cancer. A devastated Tyrone apologises to Dev for thumping him and Fiz offers her ex a shoulder to cry on.

Audrey and Gail discuss David messing up the house sale but Gail is saddened when David says that he always thought there would be room for him and Sarah in their mum’s house. Audrey can’t be sure whether he is telling the truth or being manipulative.

Also; Sophie‘s devastated that her best friend Sian is no longer going to be around now she has to move to Southport to live with her mum.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sally and Kevin wait anxiously for the specialist to tell them the results of her tests. They are determined to face whatever he tells them together. Whatever the outcome Sally will need more treatment. And even if the prognosis is good Kevin is still worried about the situation with Molly. Sophie finds herself on the receiving and of his anger when she tells him she has been praying for her mum.

Sian prepares to leave Weatherfield and Sophie and Ryan arrive just in time to say goodbye. It’s a tearful farewell for the teenagers before Sophie’s dad loses patience and insists she gets in the car.

Dev invites Sunita and the twins to dinner and she accepts. She mysteriously tells him that there is something she needs to talk to him about but that she will wait until after they have eaten. Then she reveals that she and Matt are having a trial separation.

Joe is desperate for money – and Bill Webster isn’t impressed when he sees Joe eying up the cancer collection bottle in the Rovers. Shaken by the encounter Joe leaves the Rovers but almost walk straight into Rick and his heavy, looking for more cash.

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