Sally goes drink driving

Sergeant Stone and PC Leon Taylor respond to a burglary and are bemused when they meet Bob and Janey Fields who say that the only stolen item is their prize canine, Bo. They soon discover that the thief is much closer to home than they thought.

Elsewhere, PCs Sally Armstrong and Ben Gayle are at a demolition site, where two tower blocks are being pulled down. Sian McGuire, a distressed young woman, claims that she has to get into the flats to retrieve a diary detailing when she was abused as a child by her uncle, Graham Boyce. Sally, desperate to help her, begs for more time and as Sian runs into the flat, Sally chases after her as the buildings come crumbling down.

Later, distraught that her only evidence has been destroyed, Sian drops the case but Sally encourages her to pursue it. Graham is brought in for questioning and his answers only fuel Sally’s anger. She lets off steam by joining Ben in a club, but after too many drinks she kisses him and he pushes her away.

Humiliated, she kisses another party goer, but when he becomes pushy, Sally runs to her car. As she drives away, Sally’s night takes a horrific turn when she crashes head on into another car…