Sally needs a lumpectomy and is admitted to hospital to go for her operation, with an emotional Kevin struggling to cope with his emotions.

Tyrone is the prefect mate and promises to help support Kevin through the whole of Sally’s treatment. Molly’s also struggling to watch Sally deteriorate, and at the same time witnessing how much Kevin cares for her. She finally realises it means that they’re not going to Chester.

Asha’s taken ill and Sunita instinctively phones Dev to help out without giving Matt a second thought. A concerned Dev rushes over and gets the Doctor in and while he’s worried about Asha he also realises it’s his chance to comfort Anita and prove he’s changed.

Also, Gary prepares to leave for the army and Anna persuades him to have a farewell party in the Rovers. It’s now up to Anna and Eddie to organise his send off.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Matt’s nose is pushed out of joint when he realises that Sunita called Dev about Asha’s illness and not him. Meanwhile, Dev and Sunita are relieved to learn that Asha just has flu. When Matt turns up he feels neglected and pushed out of the family

Anna and Eddie throw a farewell party for Gary as he prepares to join the army. But things soon turn sour when David and Graeme stick a target to his back as a joke. Anna is distraught that things have turned out so badly but tells Gary to make sure he returns safely.

Sally is out of surgery and recovering from her operation. And Tyrone forces a reluctant Molly to visit Sally and Kevin in hospital. Molly shows up with some shocking news telling Kevin she’s palnning to leave Tyrone as she doesn’t love him. Kevin begs her to reconsider knowing he can’t leave Sally and Tyrone will be heartbroken.

Also, Norris winces when Mary pays him another surprise visit.

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