Sally is burgled

After enjoying her farewell concert, Sally gets another pleasant surprise when Pippa, Carly and Steven arrive. Meanwhile, Alf is clearly struggling with the concept of Sally leaving. The concert finishes and Cassie bids Sally farewell as she heads off on her road trip with Matilda. Later, Sally arrives home but is stunned to find every scrap of furniture has been stolen.

Sam goes to Jack’s house to search for Johnny’s letter. Her frustration grows as she ransacks the house and fails to find it. Jack arrives just in time to see Sam try to escape and grabs her before she can get away. They have a vicious row with Sam spitefully threatening to tell the cops about Jack’s corrupt past if he turns her in. But Jack tells her they won’t believe a word she says after they read Johnny’s letter.

As he holds the letter out, Sam lunges for it and lands heavily on the floor. Concerned for their unborn baby, Jack and Sam go to hospital but when Sam loses the baby, it�s the last straw for Jack. He walks out of the hospital without seeing Sam and finally calls the police. But the cops arrive at the hospital to find Sam has vanished.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday May 13*

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