Sally is forced out of the vicarage

Shocked by Sally’s injuries, Laurel decides it’s time to get Bishop George involved. Ashley’s not happy when the Bishop arrives with Vincent, who protests his innocence, and the Bishop doesn’t know what to think as Ashley shows them both the door without even seeing Sally.

But an angry Vincent returns, determined to see his wife, and tries to force his way into the vicarage. The Bishop shows up and is shocked by Sally’s appearance. Concerned, he tells Ashley that Sally has to find somewhere neutral to stay before taking Vincent away. But Sally is less than thrilled by Edna’s offer of a sanctuary…

Also looking for refuge is Charity, who shocks Debbie by returning to Emmerdale with Noah. She tells her daughter she couldn’t leave her again and Debbie wants to believe her. But Cain doesn’t… He sneers when Charity offers to give him back his money, telling her to keep it for the next time she runs off. Will there be a next time?

Having been quizzed about her ‘colourful’ past by Faye, Katie’s shocked when she finds out she had an affair with Mark. What will she do with the information?

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