Sally is rushed to hospital

Sally is shocked after Geoff’s outburst at Aden. After hearing about the trauma with Reverend Hall, she confronts him, demanding to know why Aden has no compassion for Geoff and Annie. But just when it seems Sally might have got through, Geoff apologises to Aden and loses his respect.

Horrified by how lightly Sally is taking the threat of Johnny Cooper, Jack and Roman insists she leave town, and she reluctantly agrees, leaving Pippa with Leah. That night, Roman makes a very thorough search of the house and reveals to Sally how he used to be in the SAS, which gains her trust.

After promising to keep his secret safe, Roman keeps guard outside her room, leaving Miles downstairs as a second guard. However, when a screaming Colleen hammers at the door, Roman is too late to stop Miles from opening it. Johnny is behind Colleen with a knife to her back, and is soon in the house.

Coming downstairs, Sally tries to talk to Johnny, which seems to work until she takes a step too close and Johnny freaks out. Johnny stabs Sally before making a hasty retreat. Jack turns up and manages to get Sally to the hospital where the doctors desperately try to save her. Will she survive?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday March 26*