Ashley finally does what he should have done months ago: he sets about telling psycho Sally to sling her hook – in a nice Ashley way, of course. But this means he’s so pathetic about it all that Sally totally misreads the situation and thinks Ashley is trying to tell her he loves her! Thrilled by that idea, she gives the bumbling vicar a kiss and, finally, he’s shocked into action. But Sally won’t listen to him, insisting he wants her as much as she wants him. Is Ashley finally going to see the real Sally?

Katie leaves Ryan in no doubt about who she thinks he really is… Having pretty much ignored her since he dumped her, Ryan tries to apologise to Katie for the way things turned out. But she treats him with the contempt he deserves and he wonders if he should reveal his affair with Maisie…

Meanwhile, Adam is still trying to convince his family that Aaron is gay. He tells his dad Aaron tried to kiss him, but will he believe him? Holly’s convinced Adam is wrong and that makes Aaron feel more sure of himself. But Adam seems determined to convince people he’s telling the truth…

*Second episode, 8pm*

Ashley’s trying to tell Sally he wants her to leave Emmerdale but she seems to think he’s saying that he wants her, not Laurel. She has psycho hearing, too! Embarrassed when Ashley fails to display the affection she believes he has for her, Sally rushes off to Edna’s cottage. Realising just how badly he has let Laurel down, Ashley goes to see Sally, to find out if Laurel had been telling the truth about her all along. Sally denies she ever tried to hurt Laurel but admits she loves him. Ashley asks her to leave the village but Sally’s infuriated by his rejection. Should he be making sure the church heater doesn’t wander close to the vestry curtains again?

Up at Home Farm, a horrible truth is dawning on Natasha, too… Believing that Mark is playing golf, her suspicions are aroused when she realises Nathan has had Mark’s clubs. Now she knows Mark has been lying to her… But is she about to discover what he has really been up to: house-hunting with Faye?

And is anyone going to believe Adam’s claims that Aaron is gay? John tells Moira what Adam told him but they’re both greatly amused by the thought that Aaron fancies guys not girls.

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